For the first time, a court heard the case for an elephant’s legal personhood and subsequent right to bodily liberty.
I’m pretty sure when Plato defined the type of love that transcends the physical as a ‘pregnancy of the soul,’ the Plop Game was not what he had in mind.
Booty Call.png
True intimacy required a different kind of nakedness than the one I excelled in.
Forgetting turned out to be impossible, so, eventually, I chose to remember instead.
My heart hit the bottom of my stomach and sat there like a clump of debris that had gathered on a drain, waiting to be collected by a pool skimmer.
You lean in and lower your voice. ‘Could we Lorena-Bobbitt him?’
She makes a serious face. ‘Yes.’
Maybe loving a puppet can be a proxy for self-compassion.
We simultaneously participate in Apple’s pain while using her performance as a container for our own. That way, we too get the chance to bleed.
It felt oddly serene, looking down the barrel of a rifle while holding my body as still as possible and calmly pumping out a round per second.